Film Holiday Club

Film Holiday Club 2019

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Dates 2019: Either 6th-8th August or 12th-14th August 9.30am-3.30pm

Venue: Oldfield Brow Primary School, Altrincham.

£99 per participant.

This years participants will be working towards a pre-written screenplay called ‘The Golden Rule’.

Ant is the head teachers son… And he hates being told what to do…. What if he could convince his dad to do away with rules and everyone could do what they want? School would be perfect…. or would it? Join us as we discover what really goes on in a place where there are no rules!!!

On the first of three days each participant will learn a huge variety of skills from storyboarding, to camera & sound operation, acting for screen, producing a film, roles within the film industry and then have 2 days of hands on experience of working on a real film shoot as we shoot our short film! After the club the film will be edited and we will share the final short film on social media for you to show to all your family and friends. The Golden Rule is a film with a very affirming message about community and treating one another with respect.

Tutors include Mike Peacock (award-nominated writer/director), Becky Peacock (film producer/screen designer), Jon Anelli (Founder/Videographer of Red Seats).

To request a booking form please contact us. If you would like any details about our Performing Arts Holiday Club the week of 29th July-1st August, then click here!


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